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ROX Specialties

ROX Specialties

Excellence in Surgical Healthcare

The team of surgeons at ROX Center encompasses experts from multiple different surgical specialties.  Their surgical training is both extensive and diverse, affording our surgical team the opportunity to care for patients with a wide spectrum of surgical problems. Each ROX plastic surgeon offers a unique perspective, with special knowledge of both common and rare issues within both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Our other ROX surgeon specialists are skilled at a wide variety of procedures beyond plastic surgery, including breast oncology, melanoma management, hernia repair, advanced laparoscopy, gynecology, head and neck surgery, and more. Caring and compassionate, our surgeons and support staff will see you through every step of your process from initial consultation to complete post-operative recovery.

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Breast Cancer

Skin Cancer


General Surgery

Head & Neck (ENT)


ROX Doctors
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Meet the ROX Surgeons

The surgeons that comprise the ROX docs are hand selected experts in their fields of interest. Each surgeon is extensively trained, as well as experienced in caring for some of the toughest surgical challenges. Our surgeons come from diverse backgrounds and have unique surgical pedigrees but all have the same common goal: to provide excellence in surgical healthcare. Learn more about all the doctors here.

Meet the ROX Surgeons

Excellence in Surgical Healthcare

ROX surgeons are leaders in their respective fields. As such, ROX surgeons are frequently trusted by such internationally recognized media sources as CNN, Entertainment Tonight, The Doctors and the Discovery Network as authorities on plastic surgery and surgical healthcare. To watch our many appearances, please navigate and watch the multiple video feeds below.

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Dr Brenner Video

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Beverly Hills
Newport Beach
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ROX Credentials

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Excellence in Surgical Healthcare

Each ROX surgeon is committed to excellence in his or her specialty. This is apparent when you evaluate their individual pedigrees, training programs, board certification, and professional memberships. ROX surgeons are well published in their peer-reviewed journals; many serve as regular experts on national and international television news programs.

  • Beautiful results
  • Extensive experience
  • Latest techniques
  • Unparalleled safety
  • State-of-the-art facilities

Our Fellowships & Affiliations

  • Dr. Kevin Brenner

  • Dr. Jay Calvert

  • Dr. Andrew Ordon

American Board of Surgery
Fellow American College of Surgeons
American Medical Association
California Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
ABMS Maintenance of Certification
Keck School of Medicine at USC
Ceders-Sinai Medical Center
Hoag Hospital Newport Beach
Marina Del Rey Hospital

Visit a ROX Network website to learn about the specifics of our plastic surgery and other healthcare specialties.

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